Unity ~ the New way to Unite

This year, 2022, comes with a strong power of Light. It might not seem so when we look on it at the global level, but it is.

2022 comes with a Strong Power of Light
that helps us to let go of the Old and
Create Something New.

In order to make and build something new, we have to leave the old, and sometimes it needs to be broken down for us to really be able to build something new.

It seems more clear than before. I myself, feel as old bits of black bark literally are falling from me. Old habits, old thinking patterns, old relationships, old behaviors. And when I find myself in an old situation that could trigger my usual behavior, I find myself doing differently. I think differently and I am totally fine with leaving behind things not aligned with me anymore, in total understanding and inner peace.

“It is time to move on and everything is moving on wether one wants it or not. I am personally welcoming it! This is what I’ve been waiting for!

I see it in everyday situations when working with people in groups that are changing. You make a choice to continue in the old 3D ways, where the egos more or less rules and there are no true openness for creating together. Or you can choose the new way, the 5D way, where we learn to create together in new ways.

This is what I’ve been waiting for and still I find myself afraid to open up, afraid that I won’t find my people, my tribe, although as I continue to cleanse away not aligned relations, I also make space for the new relations to come into my life. You need Faith and Trust. Trust your inner voice, your gut feeling and act upon it. Have Faith that when you take the leap, life will catch you and carry you further to where you’ve never been before. Yes, it is scary as you don’t know where you will end up, but it might bring you something better than you ever dreamed of, and anything is better than staying put.

Have Faith and Trust your inner voice when you take the step on the untouched surface of your new path towards the Light and a New Way of Healthy Joyful Living.

Unite with people that resonates with you. The ones who talks your soul language, the ones who sees and understands you, the ones you can talk about everything with for hours or look at the stars with in silence. Stay open and trust that they will come and they will come as you make space for them. Speak your truth and let your voice reach them so that they can find you.

“The new ways to Unite, to work together, needs to be in total openness, total openness for yourself and others.

We need to open our hearts and minds to be able to work together in new ways. The willingness of listening, respecting and allowing the differences. Seeing the differences as a gift or power, knowing that everyone is unique and carries a gift or superpower within. Allowing our uniqueness to show and welcoming it to the unity, group, company or association, will give the opportunity for new growth and expanding, expanding in ways we’ve never seen before. Together in harmony and joy as equals all with their own special contributions. If we stay connected and open in our hearts and allow it…

That is the new way here on earth at this time, or the old way as I am sure there are other forms of life in other dimensions that already are living it and more. It is one of the things I came here to create with gatherings in harmony and understanding, opening up our hearts for each other.

We need to stay open to ourselves and consciously heal our traumas and wounds from old patterns and experiences, that will be triggered and raised to the surface in the process of creating new ways. Self-Care is to be as important as Uniting with Others, when changing the pattern of togetherness in communities.

To make it happen we need to stay open in our hearts and authentic to ourselves and others. We need to listen to our inner voices and pay attention to recognize when the ego wants something. To allow ourselves to listen and heal the wound that triggers our ego. To look ourselves in the mirror and allowing our feelings to be felt, heard and eased. To listen what we need and act upon it, to speak our truth without hurting anybody, and knowing that it is for the best of All. That it makes it possible for the highest potential, for the whole unity to grow.

It does not happen all by itself, although bits and parts are, it happens by conscious openness and willingness to build new healthier ways that will change the vibration of everything. New healthy ways to build the new age that we came here to build. Are you with me?

It takes consciousness and self awareness to create new ways for healthy and joyful living, togetherness and the new age we came here to build. Are you with me?

Does this resonate with you? Are you longing for your people? Looking for likeminded people and gatherings? Please leave a comment or take contact.

©️2022 Pia Lindvall, text and pictures, all rights reserved.


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