All services discribed shortly

Voice Healing – A pleasant and strong treatment where I use only my voice by voicing overtones. The overtonevoicings are treating on a cellular level and effects physically, mentally and spiritually. Suits all kinds of trouble. Time: 45 / 60 / 90 min

Soundhealing ~ Sound Journey – Intuitive and channelling ocertonevoicings with singing bowls and drum. The soundbath is deeply relaxing, meditative, balancing, grounding and healing. Individual session 60 / 90 min

Healing (Quantum Healing+) – This treatment cleanses, opens blockages and rases your vibrationlevel. Using a positive intetion deepens the treatment and goes straight to the blockages according to what the treatment is for. it works deep on a cellular, energetic and physical level. Suitable for everyone. Time: 30 / 60 min

Quantum Hypnosis; Timetravel – In a deep relaxing state your subconscious mind takes you on a timetravel that is related to your questions, problems or illness and brings you awareness, answers and healing. The session contains analysis of your problems, timetravel and analysing of the result. Time: 2-3h / 5h

Coaching – This is a good alternative for you who need support and help to deepen the contact to your inner guidence. Everthing is already within you and I will help and support you on your journey where you find you inner guidence, your inner peace and your craft. Time: 60 min

Voicecare & Singinglessons – 30 / 45 / 60 min

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