Blessed with the Healing-Power of the Voice

I’ve walked a long and winding road full of fears and selfdoubt, but I’ve never lost the trust that I eventually will get to the light where my subconscious mind has been heading every step of the way. I know that every rock on the way has been and will be a blessing to teach me what I need, to be able to continue my journey on the path of light.

Although singing has been the One thing all my life, entertaining as a singer is something completely different from using your Voice as a healinginstrument. Though I align with both of them, it has taken some time to get to this point where I truly feel and just know the difference.

I started my Journey on the Voice-healing path 18 years ago when I started to practise early Gregorian sacred songs, teached by Iegor Reznikoff. I learned the balance between the voice and the body. The balance between body, mind and the spirit. It also put my singingtechnique on place along with my vocalteacher, Raili Honkanen, and her teachings at the time. We started to improvice with a small group of people named ”Ääni” (Voice/sound) using overtonesinging. That’s when I began to find my special gift that I have and the joy to free my Voice and Share it.

For many years I have developed my own way of using overtonevoicing along with singing bowls as a deep healing and meditation instrument. Everytime I get overwhelmed by the Power of the Voice when I simply follow the lead from the highest source, with the intention of the highest best for the Ones recieving the healing. It is a blessing to be an instrument able to help others to find relief physically, mentally and spiritually. Grateful to See the release, the total relaxation, the harmony and peace within that my Healing Voicings provide. Clients tending to my Overtone Voicing sessions have told me many times that bodyaches have vanished, the mind is empty and in harmony and that they have a feeling like they were hugged, cherished or surrounded in cotton. Some also experience visions and mindtravelling, see the Tones as colours and are fully aware of the blockings that they now are releasing.

Every Overtone Soundhealing Session that I put in the calender comes from the higher source. If the weather in any season allows, I love doing the session outside at sacred places in the beautiful nature. It’s amazing how the nature and weatherchanges are aligned along with the sessions outdoors. On the picture above You feel the calmness and the sacred silence by the lake where the wind has been blowing powerfully, more than ever, the whole summer. Within the session You could hear the fish jumping along with the voicings. The birds listening and sometimes joining with their healing chirping. I’ve also experienced how the rain and the clouds simply moved aside to Let through the blue sky like a circle above and the sun shining through like a spotlight on the healingscene. The experience and the feel of the oneness and the connection with the nature, the univerce and the abundance of all and everything in the nothing where everything can be created. I am blessed with the gift to use my Voice and It’s healing Power with the highest intent for the benefit of all.

You can book for an individual Overtone Soundhealing Session or Voice Healing that is a powerful but gentle healingmethod that really goes deep on every level. You can also join Overtonevoicing Soundhealing Groupsessions or book a private session for your own group. You’ll find more about the Groupsessions in Evenemang / Tapahtumat / Events or on FB:


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