The Temple of Lemminkäinen

I heard for the first time of Ior Bocks Saga a year ago from my dear friend and collegue Nina Pörn. She told me that she’s always been facinated about this story from 1970-1980 of Ior Bock, who became a guru with serveral followers around the world and the whole story became a legend.

Ior Bock said that this story has been in his family since the beginning of the earth and he had been born to be the storyteller, the one to reveal this familytreassure for the world.

Now the stories are plenty and I’ve just heard a few, but it all starts with the original people who all lived as one family at Nyland (Uusimaa), Finland. Here the first people spoke the rootlanguage, and still are, which is the beginning for everything. Ior Bock claimed that in the beginning there was only the rootlanguage; the Voice. Many ancient cultures speak of the same thing; that the world was created through sound.

One of Ior Bocks stories tells about the Temple of Lemminkäinen; Lemminkäisen Temppeli. The legend tells that the temple is inside of this mountain (rock/cliff) and Ior Bock began the search for this temple 30 years ago in 1987. They digged out soil from underneath the big rocks where he believed there was the entrence for the temple. The story tells they actually found stairs leading down to what Ior Bock thought would lead to the iron door to the temple. Eventually they had to stop digging. It was hard work when everything they were digging out just floate back again by the water in the cave. Without the money and permission of the authorities the whole diggingproject ran out in the sand.


The Cave is the entrence to the Temple of Lemminkäinen. Ior Bock claimed the temple was inside the mountain, that there was this whole in the rock. The story also tells that seismological tests only last year, have found an empty space inside the rock, big enough for a room or temple.


When I saw an article about Lemminkäisen Temppeli by Yle svenska nyheter on Facebook, I immediately found it resonating. I remembered the Ior Bocks Saga I watched on You Tube and decided to go there and have look. I had the pleasure if meeting one of the followers of Ior Bock, who’s actually been taking part of the whole happening since the 1970’s, and who also was a dear friend of Ior Bock, Michel Merke.


Michel Merke, from the Nederlans has together with another Ior Bocks follower from the US, spent a week cleaning up around the mountain of Lemminkäisen Temppeli and it’s entrence, the cave. They want that all people are able to access the place and feel in the energies. Today the excavations are not the most important, it’s about spreading the Word, the stories of the rootlanguage, the alpha-bet, the stories of the beginning of everything. Michel tells us that they have plans on spreading all the stories on internet in time. He tells me how there in the beginning were only sound; the word and light.

The truth is that the story is so fascinating and resonates really high inside that it really is easy to believe there is the Core of the beginning in it. I’m very grateful for the meeting of Michel, the great energy that surrounds him when he gives he’s wisdom as a gift.

You can find your way to Lemminkäisen Temppeli at Gumbo Strand in Sibbo by using Google maps. We are, together with my soulsister Nina Pörn, honoring the sacred place of the temple of Lemminkäinen by a Gaia ❤️ Cosmos; Healing & Meditation Session by sound on Monday 24th of July at 18.00.  You’re most Welcome to join if it resonates, fee 30€. For more information: or



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