You have the Power to change

Scientists have found evidence that our thoughts live on after we leave this earthly life. Many of us know this from deep within like a truth in our soul. We know that we create with our thoughts and what we think makes a difference. You can make a change in your thought to make a positive and wanted outcome. 

Changing our way of thinking can sometimes be difficult, we have to be aware of our thinking patterns that might have been in our familycells for many decades. We don’t always see them or understand how they affect our lives. We also are masters of hiding the most scary thoughts or even camouflage them so we won’t notice the true feelings under our actions. By starting to be aware of how we think and how it affects everything around us, everything that comes to us and everything we want to create in life awakens us to want to make that change. We have the Power to create our own lives, we have the Power to live in Love and harmony, we have the Power to Enjoy Life in every moment as it was meant to be. It all starts with You wanting a Change. 

Making a Change is all about turning inside towards Yourself. To feel Yourself, the good and the bad. To listen to what Your feelings want to tell You and giving space for the things that’s been tethered in You. To say You’re sorry for not listening to these feelings and to hold and Love yourself like a child that needs comfort until the feeling is calm, neutralized. Do this whenever You notice a bad feeling and find You start to listen to what your inner child tells You. You get to know your fears and hurts and You learn how to give them space and acceptance. You find that they will open the doorway forward since they have been heard, accepted and loved. Love Yourself and every aspect of You consciously. 

Gratitude. What are You grateful for? Start to feel the little things in life that make you Happy. Start to consciously feel gratefulness over everything that touches Your heart in a positive way. You will feel more joy and it will attract more of that into your life and on your pathway. Be grateful and gratetude makes You feel like everything is a miracle. Let the miracles into your life, Welcome them and You open the gateway for everything possible better than You could ever wish for. 

Praise Yourself for every step forward how little it may be. Tell yourself and your inner child how brave You are daring to make things differently. Even when some things might have been undone, You gained something. Even if it only would be noticing you’re being too scared doing what you intended to do, then rejoice for the fact that You see what stopped you. Accept it and listen to your fear. Love yourself and praise yourself for being aware of what is blocking your way. When the fear is neutralized there is no blockage anymore. Praise all the little steps of achievements that You consciously make. 

Make it one step at a time, feel it, praise it, nourish it, love it and enjoy it. It’s the path of Your Life and You have the Power to create it. 

You can do it by Yourself, but You can also get help by joining curses and workshops. In the beginning You can get help by a Coach who can help You become aware of your blockagepatterns, help You find out what You want, help You find your way to get there and support You on your way. 

For further information and Coach-services contact: or make a comment below. 

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