Staying true to oneself and the importance of grounding

Staying true to yourself, your path and your choices aren’t always easy. When we interact with others, we tune in to their energy and if we’re not in balance with our self, grounded in ourselves, we most certain tune in to feelings, thoughts and truths of the other, which may be completely different from our own truth, wishes and path. Ever felt the feeling where you do something not really knowing why or with having that niggling feeling of doing against yourself? There you go.

If you’re highly sensitive, you probably feel this very often and you feel strongly the need of your own space to anchor yourself and gain your connection to your inner self. Empaths are struggling with this for sure since they have a natural drive wanting to help, understand and be there for those in need, and it is very easy to loose yourself in the process.

That’s why grounding is so important. It keeps you in contact with yourself and your inner voice, your truth. A fabulous way to ground yourself is spending time in nature. Mother Nature has a deep healing effect on us and we gain contact with the spirit, body and mind.

What do you do to ground yourself?

By grounding yourself you keep in contact with your inner truth, what feels right for you and what choices that is in Your Highest Best.


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